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I don't use apps 

Jennifer Moville
by Jennifer Moville
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Jennifer Moville

I live in an area whereby as well as having our own car I am close to bus and train links so have a varity of transport methods available to me if I need them ....and then of course there is always the more expensive option of a taxi 

Jennifer Moville
by Jennifer Moville
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Jennifer Moville

not so much being in control - more letting others drive is more relaxing for me and I can enjoy the journey and the company

Jennifer Moville
by Jennifer Moville
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Jennifer Moville

I always find a good book passes the time whilst on journeys - especially long ones - along with a sandwich, a bottle of water and maybe even a couple of wine gums if I am going to miss lunchtime through travelling

Jennifer Moville
by Jennifer Moville
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Jennifer Moville

Jennifer Moville

ST. HELENS, United Kingdom

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