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Gina LoBuglio
Gina LoBuglio | Mar 4, 2016 | in Rate These Concepts

Our new service for company car users is based on popular urban car hire-by-the-hour schemes. Instead of a company car you get a number of hours allocated to a car pool and book each time slot in advance. Staff register as drivers, passengers or both and there are incentives and prizes for drivers to car-share too. The cars have dedicated parking, keyless entry and all the other car club benefits. Join the Staff Car Club and make life simpler! 

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joanna butler-savage Mar 4, 2016

this is like a company car pool and in my view would only work during a normal working day. what if you take longer than you promised though? time slots of less than half a day won't be sufficient in my view. insurance could also be steep.

Janet Bradley Mar 4, 2016

If your role involves travelling to a meeting in another office, and there is no car available, how can this be got round - would there be a priority scheme for work hours? For many who have company cars, they can use them at the weekend, and may need to, so how would this be resolved?

Janet Bradley Mar 4, 2016

what happens if you are late bringing the car back because of traffic, so that the next person who had booked a car was late for a meeting?

Fiona Boubert Mar 8, 2016

This issues would happen with a pool business car anyway like the one's my Department have. The app would help you to communicate issues and identify potential solutions.

joanna butler-savage Mar 9, 2016

another good case for GPS!

joanna butler-savage Mar 10, 2016

i suppose you would just leave a good hour in between bookings

Janet Bradley Mar 11, 2016

An hour is a long time though...I am sure that a computer bod could come up with a suggestion on the right number of cars per number of staff ratio

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Gill Chedgey Mar 5, 2016

In principle this sounds like a good idea but there seem too many potential pitfalls to render this viable.

joanna butler-savage Mar 9, 2016

what about motorbikes for hire - i have a licence but sold my bike when the kids came along. i miss it enormously but don't want to buy one because it wouldn't get the use.

Janet Bradley Mar 10, 2016

I wonder how many hire companies offer is possibly a bit of a niche market

joanna butler-savage Mar 10, 2016

or scooters? i know the italians have a bad reputation for zooming round on theirs but they are certainly more environmentally friendly

Janet Bradley Mar 11, 2016

They are....and very popular. Though some use them whilst still on a provisional licence

Katie100 Mar 16, 2016

Yes - good points here- perhaps the scheme would have to offer a range of different options - not just cars.

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Mary O'Connor Mar 5, 2016

There is a scheme around that you can do this with. I can't remember what it is called now. Plus you may not know how long you need the car for.

joanna butler-savage Mar 9, 2016

that could be the city car club I've seen advertised recently.

Jade Hewlett Mar 6, 2016

I'm not sure about this idea, if it worked it could be very good for companies but it may also be hard to keep running smoothly and reliably which would be needed for companies.

Fiona Boubert Mar 7, 2016

This idea is based on one of my ideas so I have to like it! It definitely has potential for company cars. I know this as I work for an organisation that has business cars and I recognise where they have been under utilised, particularly at the start and end of the day when they could be utilised by commuters.

The car pool idea would be a more effective way of running business cars rather than current mainly clerical booking processes. It could also allow people to communicate delays in real time and suggest alternative car availability. This would be a big improvement on the current company car situation.

My organisation has staff in different locations so it would encourage more effective use of cars across a wider geographical area and could potentially reduce the number of journeys purely to return a car to a base office.

There would probably have to be a sliding scale of priority use and people wishing to use the car for non essential journeys may have to have a plan B if an urgent important business need presented itself.

joanna butler-savage Mar 9, 2016

i can see how that is really sensible nationwide - none of us have cars but there is a real need for this as the car park cannot house all the staff cars when people need to go out

Eirlys Evans Mar 19, 2016

This sounds extremely complicated. The staff cars are usually available most of the time, but these cars could be unavailable when required in a hurry. It's a great idea but needs to be used in a test area in order to iron out any problems.

Neil Kennedy Mar 20, 2016

I don't drive but this seems like a decent idea to make better use of company vehicles to get staff around. If I learned to drive and they were at my place of work I could use them occasionally when needed without having to buy a car.