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CARbon Credit

Gina LoBuglio
Gina LoBuglio | Mar 4, 2016 | in Rate These Concepts

Our new service encourages ride sharing by rewarding the car driver with Carbon Credits! Simply download the app, sign up and get sharing. When two people with our location-enabled app share a car the registered driver's credits rack up to reduce their road tax. So whether you're commuting or going on a longer journey get sharing and stop paying! 

Nicky Griffiths Mar 4, 2016

As a lot of modern cars have low tax rates this wouldn't be much of an incentive, but it would be good for cars with high tax payable.

David Simoes-Brown Mar 4, 2016

fair point Grandmanicky. What other incentives could the scheme offer apart from lower tax do you think?

Janet Bradley Mar 4, 2016

I guess it could be rewarded with vouchers for use on a train, or a hotel stay voucher.

Nicky Griffiths Mar 4, 2016

Cheaper petrol maybe, after all most of what we pay goes on tax.

Julian Starkey Mar 7, 2016

could get you credit when flying, or taking the train, it's all about the incentives. Feel better about eating food flown in from arrond the world when out of season in the UK.

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joanna butler-savage Mar 4, 2016

i really like this idea - i assume you could exchange credits for fuel? that is probably not the most appropriate incentive as you are trying to discourage drivers from using their cars! perhaps the credit could be for an alternative means of transport like the train.

joanna butler-savage Mar 4, 2016

i misread the tax part - i don't think any incentive that suggests further use of the car is a good one

Nicky Griffiths Mar 4, 2016

Yes, but this applies to car-sharing so you are taking at least one car off the road.

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Janet Bradley Mar 4, 2016

Good point... but I was thinking the same as Grandmanicky... our car has no car tax, so how could it be rewarded?

joanna butler-savage Mar 4, 2016

free parking would be a good one - i know that would save money in the city centre

Janet Bradley Mar 5, 2016

free parking is only encouraging the use of the car more... the best way to be rewarded is to be given a more energy efficient reward

joanna butler-savage Mar 5, 2016

i don't agree because this is only on offer because the car has been shared. This incentive would encourage more people to share cars.

Janet Bradley Mar 5, 2016

I understand that some would not agree.... but you could be using the most gas guzzling car for this... and encouraging for it to be used more.

joanna butler-savage Mar 4, 2016

Credits towards cheaper car insurance would he s great incentive particularly for younger drivers whose premiums are sky high.

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Tracey Gregg Mar 5, 2016

And what about the fact that more weight in the car uses more fuel, therefore costs the driver more, how do you off set that?

Julian Starkey Mar 7, 2016

Carbon is every where, yes the car is heavier, but only one has to warm-up when fuel consumption is high, one person is considerably lighter than dragging an extra car around and trying to park it.

Nicky Griffiths Mar 5, 2016

I think we have all agreed here that credits should be given for tax, fuel, insurance and parking, maybe the driver could choose whichever is most appropriate for them.

Gill Chedgey Mar 5, 2016

With good reason we seek to reward the driver but what if the passenger has given up using the convenience of their own car to go green and car share wouldn't they deserve some kind of credit too?

Janet Bradley Mar 5, 2016

I agree

joanna butler-savage Mar 5, 2016

that is assuming they have! in most cases i suspect they would end up hitching a ride and saving train fare.

Gill Chedgey Mar 6, 2016

I was thinking more of locations that aren't conveniently served by the rail system - industrial parks for example where a driver may make a conscious decision not to use their car but to travel,with others.

joanna butler-savage Mar 6, 2016

i appreciate and understand that but recently i got a lift into work for overtime several weeks running which saved me a fortune in terms of fuel and putting mileage on that car. i was very grateful, definitely benefitted and offered to pay the parking as i felt guilty.

Gill Chedgey Mar 6, 2016

So in those circumstances the driver would get 'carbon credits' for driving you. If you made a conscious decision not to drive for overtime you would have some kind of credit also because there was one less car on the road. The ratio of credits between driver and passenger would have to be different obviously. The driver has the most costs and should stand to gain the most 'reward'. And there could be the situation where people travelling to the same location alternate the drivers. But there is still a conscious effort to reduce car numbers. Individual situations and circumstances will always pose different considerations.

joanna butler-savage Mar 6, 2016

i totally agree with that - i like the idea of there being people in the same residential area that sign up to a scheme - chances are that you will know each other already removing some of the safety concerns

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Mary O'Connor Mar 5, 2016

That would be good if you were to car share. I wouldn't benefit from it.

Julian Starkey Mar 7, 2016

you would if the other two people had generated more spaces for you to park in or taken up less space on the road.

Gill Chedgey Mar 7, 2016

Less cars on the road offer numerous benefits beyond the crucial environmental. Less cars mean buses have a better chance of keeping to their timetables, pedestrians can cross roads slightly more easily so potentially fewer accidents.

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joanna butler-savage Mar 5, 2016

my biggest issue with this is that everyone has different schedules and if there is an emergency for one person who has to go and get a sick child early then the other person is potentially stranded. if there was a scheme where people could all join a Facebook type group and request lifts from a vetted pool of local drivers this could work. there could be an emergency driver on call with space for anyone who was struggling to get home from a particular city because their driver could not get them back. the passenger is already saving because they would not have to pay for public transport or use their own car and the driver should get the incentive in return. i do not think the passenger should benefit further as they have already saved.

Jade Hewlett Mar 6, 2016

I like this idea as it would encourage people to car share and get more cars off the road so there should be less traffic. Seeing the carbon credits going up could be encouraging and make you feel good, I guess it could even be a little competition between friends and family and getting rewarded at the same time is a bonus.

joanna butler-savage Mar 6, 2016

if there was a prize again that would be a great incentive - perhaps you could accrue carbon credits and put them towards a new electric car

Fiona Boubert Mar 7, 2016

I have the same security concerns with this idea as I did with the Thumber app. It may work as a reward for friends, colleagues and family providing lifts but I don't like the idea of random car sharing with strangers even with a financial incentive.

At first glance I was not convinced on the merit of this one as an incentive either as many people pay the low emissions road tax now of £30 per year. However I remembered that the Government are looking at raising road tax due to the high level of low emission cars on the road now. Not helped by recent Volkswagen emissions scandal where they manipulated testing. So as a financial incentive it has potential but as a reward for people we know and not strangers.

Gina LoBuglio Mar 10, 2016

Hi Ironmaiden, the security issue keeps coming up time and again doesn't it? I think that there is always going to be an element of risk when it comes to new ideas and I think that the more we embrace these new technologies, we will be able to come up to new solutions to address the risks.

In terms of the environmental aspect of CARbon Credit, for me, as I already don't own a car and only ever ride in a car when a friend is taking a group of us somewhere, this idea doesn't apply to my life. I do care very much about my carbon footprint but feel that I, personally, am already doing as much as I can within my power to reduce it.

I'm curious now - can I ask when was the last time you shared a ride in a car and who was it with?

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Nicky Griffiths Mar 8, 2016

I've just realised why our local bus company uses a smart card called Carbonara - "best value travel for a lower carbon era"!

Fiona Boubert Mar 8, 2016

Lol, I might have got confused with that too and wondered what Italian food had to do with travel!

joanna butler-savage Mar 9, 2016

i really like that

Nicky Griffiths Mar 9, 2016

I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Janet Bradley Mar 9, 2016

that's brilliant!

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Eirlys Evans Mar 19, 2016

I am not sure that it work in practice because drivers are aware of the inherent dangers in sharing with strangers. It could also be open to abuse by using someone's app, without actually sharing the car rides.

Neil Kennedy Mar 20, 2016

I'm not a car driver but carbon credits to reduce my road tax would not be a great incentive for me to car share. My partner only pays £30 road tax per year and cynical me thinks it might take a lot of carbon credits to get your road tax down.