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Folding Bikes

Apologies if this has already been covered. I've searched but can't find anything.

I suppose this could also feature in the mode mixer challenge too.

A folding bike could be carried on the bus, the train and in a car. (Put in the hold of an airplane and ferry too).

If the entire journey to work is not possible by bike alone, for whatever reason, the folding bike may be an option. 

It's use could contribute to a greener commute, reduce fares and congestion.


Nicky Griffiths Feb 21, 2016

My daughter has a Brompton folding bicycle which she takes on the train to work, I think they are very popular in London. It's also very handy for her as she lives in a flat and carries it upstairs as there's nowhere to store traditional bikes. Last summer she even took part in the Brompton World Championship race around St. James' Park area!

Janet Bradley Feb 21, 2016

Yes... I was thinking the Brompton bike too.... I have seen some amazing folding bikes... I think they are only suitable for short journeys, but they do add another dimension to commuting possibilities.

Gill Chedgey Feb 23, 2016

I used to dream of owning a Brompton only they are so expensive. But I bet they last longer than cheaper counterparts.

Nicky Griffiths Feb 23, 2016

Yes, she paid more for that than her car at the time, we thought she was mad! She did have a puncture early on despite having Kevlar tyres.

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Fiona Boubert Feb 21, 2016

I have seen a few more folding bikes on trains recently, you would still struggle to get one on a bus though. Easier to store at workplaces. They tend to be quite expensive though and are not great bikes for longer journeys or particularly comfortable. But would definitely help with commuting journeys.

Neil Kennedy Feb 22, 2016

I would love to have a fold up bike. I could cycle downhill and get the bus back up!