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I was thinking about the benefits of giving lifts not in terms of actual repayment but in terms of wellbeing which in itself can be rewarding.

For drivers I know sometimes passengers can be a distraction but on the whole I think they would keep you more alert on routes where you attention can start to drift because it is such a familiar route. Have you ever experienced that situation when driving when you reach a point in the journey and can't specifically recall how you got there. I don't mean that you have memory issues but your attention has lapsed due to the routine nature of your journey. This can be very risky and could result in you beng charged with driving without due care or attention if there was an incident.

A passenger can also be another pair of eye and ears to alert you to situations ahead and around you, like pedestrians walking into your path or a traffic jam ahead. They also help you to avoid that lone driver situation particularly on dark night and could be a great help and support if you experience a car breakdown or puncture. Or even something simple like helping you find a parking space.

For passengers it may be safer to travel with you than walking and travelling alone on public transport and they would be less exposed to bad weather which can result in health issues. It could also reduce their journey time giving them a better worklife balance.

For both parties it can also be nice to have a bit of company and social chat. You may even do a bit of problem solving that makes your day go better.

Katie100 Feb 21, 2016

That is a very good point - even to the point where perhaps with the right insurance and whatnot you could even share the driving on a long journey?

Fiona Boubert Feb 21, 2016

Good point Katie, they could also take turns to do the daily drive.

Janet Bradley Feb 21, 2016

I think it was mentioned somewhere about passengers.. about them being either really helpful or really distracting.... I know some people I struggle giving a lift to, and others I really enjoy - those that enhance the journey.

Fiona Boubert Feb 21, 2016

I'm sure between us we have all mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of passengers. With this idea I thought I would focus on how we could support each other.

kate thacker Feb 21, 2016

here here

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kate thacker Feb 21, 2016

yes yes.good one. I was just thinking on the wellbeing thing too hun.
my dads legs start to move in out in out when hes tired and I know its time haha.

Neil Kennedy Feb 22, 2016

I am always happy to be a driver buddy :-) I don't drive but I am pretty good with directions