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Cable cars to the rescue

In my journey successes I mentioned how much I enjoyed travelling on the cable car from near Canary Wharf to North Greenwich (near the O2 arena).... I loved it.... and the best part of it, you can use your Oyster card... its part of the TFL system... so you can use it on your daily commute.

If I lived in that area of London, I would... its the sort of commute I would never get bored with... seeing London at different times of day, different light, different seasons, seeing the Thames at high tide, low tide, seeing the Thames Barrier open or shut... loads of things you can see from this cable car, and it's fun! (for those who don't mind heights)

I would love to seee more of these... wouldn't it be great if at more strategic locations we could have a cable car commute - maybe connecting railway stations, or going past sightseeing spots - can you imagine going past Nelson's column in a cable car... it would be a real hoot!

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Gill Chedgey Feb 15, 2016

Well, we spoke earlier of flying cars!! In theory this sounds good but practically? I'm wavering.

Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

They already have one route in place in London... why not more?

Gill Chedgey Feb 15, 2016

I can see the possibilities across the river at certain strategic points. The installation costs would be great. But beyond that I can see practical obstacles. Nelson's Column would be great viewed from a cable car but it gives a whole new meaning to 'London Overground'!!!!

Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

The existing cable car was sponsored... I am sure that other sponsors can be found... plus so many other countries have high up railway systems which is above the roads - they can look ugly... cable cars have a natural beauty about them I think!

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Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

I think for this challenge I am looking at my journey successes and see how I can apply to the regular commute! Where can I get a fun factor into a journey... and for all of us that will be different. Feb 15, 2016

I like the idea very much of linking up train stations!

Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

I think that going from one train terminus to the next one in a place like London or Paris can be your worst nightmare.... trying to work out whether a bus, or a train is best, or to walk... and whatever you choose its a nightmare if you do it during rush hour, as hundreds of others are doing it...I would much rather queue for a cable car than a bus any day!

Jennifer Moville Feb 15, 2016

cable cars freak me out - I dont like heights

Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

Yes apreciate this is not for everyone.

Fiona Boubert Feb 19, 2016

I like your thinking but I don't like the way they dangle in the air and sway in high winds. I could cope with some kind of skyways system running on high rails.

Janet Bradley Feb 19, 2016

It's funny, some love the fact that there is some movement from the carriage.

Jade Hewlett Feb 19, 2016

I have never been on a cable car and I wouldn't be keen on using them as I don't like the idea of hanging off a wire however I think using them to connect places like train stations is a good idea as it would make the journey quick and easy and stop some of the hassle of getting between stations.

Nicky Griffiths Feb 19, 2016

Me neither, I don't like heights. Good idea though.