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Free Road Tax for Government Registered Drivers Who Car Share

Okay this challenge seems to be developing beyond how you can repay a friend for giving you a lift. So what about the Government stepping in and taking more accountability to encourage greener living and multiple car occupancy? They could offer free road tax for people officially registered with them as car sharers.

There would have to be some monitoring and checks done to ensure validity and avoid people trying to inappropriately register but it could provide a great incentive particular for drivers of cars with higher road tax such as older and larger cars. It's annoying seeing solo people driving around in people carriers.

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Nicky Griffiths Feb 14, 2016

I'm all for the government stepping in to do something useful!

Hannah Smith Feb 14, 2016

It's an interesting idea, but you'd need to have a certain expectation e.g. must car share with at least 1 person 4 times a week.. otherwise you could have someone who just goes shopping with their partner at the weekend getting a discount (fine for me, I'm rarely in the car alone but I wouldn't call it car-sharing).

In some cities like Birmingham there are lanes that can only be used by cars with passengers at peak times.

Fiona Boubert Feb 14, 2016

I was thinking that you may have to get people to register as car share passengers against individual drivers. This would be easier to operate through a work car share arrangement.

Gill Chedgey Feb 14, 2016

There is a very slow move towards car sharing lanes in the UK although it has been successful in the States. It isn't free road tax but it's a step in the right direction.

susan Humphries Feb 14, 2016

Yes about time we did a bit more of this and soeted out an official way to car pool

Katie100 Feb 14, 2016

Hi Ironmaiden - way back on Friday evening Julian had a similar thought - have a look - I really like the way you are both thinking here, interesting questions from your commenters too. Maybe giving a lift not in rush hour is double car tax points.

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Fiona Boubert Feb 15, 2016

Thanks Katie, I had missed that one. I like the idea of double car tax points. I did another post earlier that is about Incentives for Leaving Your Car at Home: that explores road tax rebates.

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Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

Our car currently has no road tax... its got low emissions, and for many companies who have company cars, the cars have to be in this category to be allowed to be part of their internal scheme.

Mary O'Connor Feb 15, 2016

Our road tax is free anyway. Nice idea though.

Jennifer Moville Feb 15, 2016

am all for the word free but this isnt something the government likes to give so maybe even cheaper tax rather than free - cant see how they would patrol it though - may be difficult to prove you give lifts all the time and not just on the odd occasion .........if ever

Neil Kennedy Feb 15, 2016

It seems a fair way to encourage car sharing and I like the idea of the Government taking more responsibility.