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Can I have the next dance?

A few years ago I was at Butlins in Minehead for a bit of (what turned out to be!) a slightly drunnken and most excellent weekend. I seemed to find myself in numerous queues over the weekend, and next to each queue was the same bloody machine (like the one in picture)!

These things have a set of light boxes on the base, which lit up in a certain order, depending which song you picked from a set list, and you basically follow the dance steps. 

Now while I am standing at a station, with an unknown delay (in either time or reason), maybe the station staff could wheel out a dozen of these machines - with free usage. great for entertainment of others, the flash ones could show their 'moves', and one or two could use the exercise (I'm including me in that latter point!!). something to while away the boredom!

Either that or all mainline stations in the UK have a permanent, 24 hour, free karaoke system installed (I'll get my coat on that last one, there are only so many time you can hear a group of drunk women screeching 'I Will Survive'!!)

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Fiona Boubert Feb 13, 2016

I went to Disneyworld Florida years ago and they had areas of pavement that lit up when you walked on them and they kept people entertained without sounds so that could maybe work too.

Jennifer Moville Feb 14, 2016

could prove to be a crowd puller - but not something I would honestly be bothered with

Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

Ha ha!!! I wouldnt go near one of these machines or a karaoke... but I know others who love them! Feb 15, 2016

ha, great idea, that would be fun.

Roland Harwood Feb 15, 2016

Hah! Fun idea. Check out this video which works using the same principal and encourages people to take the stairs rather than the escalator by playing music

Neil Kennedy Feb 15, 2016

Absolutely brilliant! No chance of it working at Euston at 8:00am on a Monday morning, but must be places in the UK that could have one. Much fun! Reminds me a little of that wonderful scene in 'Big' with Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins (

Fiona Boubert Feb 15, 2016

This looks cool Roland although I think it would slow the speed of travellers judging by the antics in the video ;-)
I like this one too with the slide!

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