The Movement

Bit of a dear,give him some beer.

i would give my friend a few mates never take money,sonyou kind of need to buy them something instead.

edited on Feb 16, 2016 by Katie100

Gill Chedgey Feb 13, 2016

But not while he's driving, eh? ;-)

Jennifer Moville Feb 13, 2016

definately not

Katie100 Feb 13, 2016

Hey Bigj1969 - welcome, thanks for this...I think there's an idea in here where the brewery or the pub help pick up the tab for those beers...What needs help? The local pub - what can't you do and drink, Drive...somewhere in here is a cracking idea - have a think!

Jennifer Moville Feb 13, 2016

not a good idea if he is always driving - but I suppose its the thought that counts

julie cooper Feb 13, 2016

Ive treated my friend to a few drinks before now as a thank you for a lift too

Fiona Boubert Feb 13, 2016

Another take on giving a bottle of wine and probably more of a man thing ;-), whatever floats their boat :-)

Janet Bradley Feb 15, 2016

most men work on a free beer!! :-)