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there might already be one but disabilty

is there an app to let people,help people on disabilty acces to places,modes of transport,travel guide type thing?

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Jennifer Moville Feb 10, 2016

never heard of one

Mary O'Connor Feb 10, 2016

No idea, I don't know anyone who is disabled to ask them.

Jade Hewlett Feb 10, 2016

I don't know whether there is already an app like this but I think it sounds like a good idea to help those with a disability or just to find easier ways around or more accessible places. It would be useful if it could show stair free stations and transport accessible by wheelchairs or push chairs as well although I don't know how many stations are actually completely stair free. I mentioned an idea about a disabled map in the post My Map App as I think apps like this could be beneficial to travellers as everyone has different needs when travelling.

kate thacker Feb 10, 2016

yes good idea.

Fiona Boubert Feb 10, 2016

I found this article on accessibility apps:

Katie100 Feb 11, 2016

KittyC mentioned being a wheelchair user in another post, and posted this about apple maps.

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Kate Cavill Feb 11, 2016

Hi. On my iPhone, I have Blue Badge Style which I think is primarily for hotel access. I also have AppyParking, which has a filter to tell you where you can park with your blue badge (however, I would always recommend checking the signage when you park anywhere to make sure the app info is correct).
I know Rough Guide do a book for accessible stuff to do in the UK, but don't know if that has been made into an e version yet.
Also, I'm hoping that the organisation 'DisabledGo' will introduce an app. They go into hotels/tourists attractions etc and do access reviews.
It was also be really helpful if at some point TFL produced their own access app for all their services, but knowing how pants TFL are generally with their website etc, I think this will be a long time coming.

kate thacker Feb 11, 2016

aa that's brilliant there is stuff out there then

Kate Cavill Feb 11, 2016

Also, I think Hailo allows you book wheelchair accessible cabs, but don't quote me on that!

kate thacker Feb 11, 2016