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It's full or late, or impossible to understand

Julian Starkey
Julian Starkey | Feb 10, 2016 | in Mode Mixer Challenge

i hardly use the bus as it doesn't connect with the train, when I do it's difficult to know whether it will deliver you in time or not. If I take the car there is a risk the car park will be full, or have no accessible spaces, due to selfish parking. It would be good to know this to allow choice.  Bus timetables are often incomprehensible and are presentationally different with place descriptions unclear. Unless you have been told.

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Jennifer Moville Feb 10, 2016

been there, done that

Mary O'Connor Feb 10, 2016

I don't like bus timetables. You would think in this day and age that they could find an easier way to express the information!

Jennifer Moville Feb 11, 2016

maybe a talking timetable at the depot - your next bus number xxxx is at xxxxx o clock

donna anderson Feb 11, 2016

i liked the illuminated signs that tell us when the next bus is due, they usually work but recently it hasn't stopped the drivers playing up though - the bus says due one moment and then its five minutes or it disappears altogether,

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Janet Bradley Feb 10, 2016

I think this exemplifies the's all become too complicated

Jennifer Moville Feb 11, 2016

the buses would go round in circles themselves !!

Fiona Boubert Feb 10, 2016

Travelling can definitely be a minefield at times particularly when commuting, improved connectivity would make life much easier.

Julian Starkey Feb 11, 2016

I was in Brussels once and missed a connection and found the challenge of working out how to get to my destination using a different langauge and way of presenting information, bus and local rail and tram timetable an interesting challenge, i managed to resolve my issue and get to my destination. I'm sure if i was in Newcastle, Edinburgh or ICardiff, there woyuld be some i could work out and some which would be difficult.

Julian Starkey Feb 11, 2016

The interchange points are often intimidating, cold dark, no services, they drive you away rather than attact you in. Bus station and train stations in different parts of town with no routes from one to other, where the bus stops are or what route they serve.

Katie100 Feb 11, 2016

Yes indeed see Back to the future.