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David Simoes-Brown
David Simoes-Brown | Jan 29, 2016 | in App Snap!

OK this isn't really an app it's a driverless car but I bet it will come with apps.  Would you trust this?  If not, avoid Greenwich for a bit!

Gill Chedgey Jan 29, 2016

My gut instinct is to say no. Keep them driverless and passengerless! It requires an implicit trust in the technology. I guess the onboard steward offers some backup in the event of a malfunction. The article doesn't say how the pods are powered?

David Simoes-Brown Feb 1, 2016

yes it does mean you have to trust the technology. I am not sure myself. I was quite nervous the first time on the DLR in London which is driverless but now I don't mind.

Kate Cavill Jan 29, 2016

Good grief, No!!!!!!
It's such a grey area as well with insurance. I heard something about this, I think on the radio, where someone was questioning about responsibility in case of an accident, and the presenter said that the responsibility would still be with the human driver, which means you have to watch everything the car does anyway in case you have to intervene to prevent a crash occurring. So I suppose you might as well just drive yourself. LOL

Janet Bradley Jan 29, 2016

No, don't trust at all.... Traffic is way too random... I fear a cyclist or a pedestrian being killed.

Charlotte Sloan Jan 29, 2016

That is so scary! What is something goes wrong .. you can't change it as you are only a passenger :ss

Mary O'Connor Jan 29, 2016

I don't trust it. What if there are any issues?

Fiona Boubert Jan 30, 2016

I get a bit freaked out at the thought of driverless transport its all a bit futuristic for me as in sci fi. Yet I am sure it will continue to develop and progress. My 22 year old son has no issue with it but then he studies Astrophysics! Jan 30, 2016

I'd like to try it - it must have advantages over people, sensors all round, programmed by super-clever people, it won't doze off and need a coffee, it won't try to beat anyone at the lights, it won't open its side door and cause a cyclist won't get road rage!