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Walking into a horrible suprise...

Charlotte Sloan
Charlotte Sloan | Jan 28, 2016 | in Journey Disasters

Whenever I am on a train it's either 'I can wait until I get home' or 'oh no I'm going to have to use the train loo..' to pee. The latter being a daunting prospect, I think we all know that. 

But one day was more disgusting than most. Busting for the loo, make my shakey way to the loo carriage and find that once the sliding door had opened that the toilet seat is covered in.. piss. Really, dark.. yellow.. piss, ew.

I was busting, I had no other choice than to cover my hand in toilet roll and get wiping.. Have to say, quite a lot of that 1 ply bog roll was used just to clear that mess. 

What we need is someone who will clean up the toilets each time they finish a route during the day, because I assume that they only get cleaned at the end or the start of the day. Which is disgusting. 

Keep the loo's clean guys! They are sacred to those of us who always need to pee on their way home from london! 


Fiona Boubert Jan 28, 2016

Public toilets can be absolutely disgusting and I try to avoid using them where possible but when you need to go, you need to go! I always carry moist toilet wipes and they are great for cleaning toilet seats and also a great back up on a night out when there is no toilet paper!

Charlotte Sloan Jan 28, 2016

I need to do that! When I'm drunk in the club toilets is when there isn't any loo roll... so moist toilet wipes is such a good idea!

Mary O'Connor Jan 29, 2016

I do hate train toilets, but they are good for desperations. I have medical issues so they really are useful for me! I think the worst public toilets I have been in are in Morocco!

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Guys? Well, yes, but it is amazing how often women's loo seats are also covered in it. (How? Why?...anyway...) Either way, travel and needing to use the loo are inseparable, (Train companies and stations more than happy to sell us the cup of tea that later leads to the loo visit after all) a nice loo shouldn't be a surprise. I'm not sure we'll solve this one during this project but thanks for bringing it up Sloan94

Charlotte Sloan Jan 28, 2016

No worries, but thought it was very relevant! :))))

Mary O'Connor Jan 29, 2016

Oh yes, travelling goes hand in hand with toilets!

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mark burns Jan 29, 2016

they are always scabby i think and the stench is even worse, but also the dirty passengers should make an effort to clean up their mess aswell

Charlotte Sloan Jan 29, 2016

They're so nastyyyy

Gill Chedgey Jan 29, 2016

It beggars the consideration of what state peoples' home facilities are like. It made me think of the lavatories on long haul flights. They are pristine (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration) at the start but by the end they are a festering cess pit. And when you come out of the cubicle and look at the banks of seats and the sea of faces you know that the culprits are all in front of you. The school marm in me wants to say 'hands up, who left the toilets in this state? No one's getting off this plane until they own up.' I don't, of course, I return mumbling to myself and grope for the hand sanitiser.

Charlotte Sloan Jan 29, 2016

So true! Sanitiser is your best friend when it comes to public toilets