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Panic Alarm App- For times on the move when you feel in danger

Fiona Boubert
Fiona Boubert | Jan 27, 2016 | in App Snap!

There has been quite a lot of mentions in various ideas about the importance of feeling safe and having support when travelling. It reminded me that I use a Panic Alarm App. Thankfully I have never had to activate it but there have been a couple of times when I have had my finger near the button when I was assessing situations. These alarms are loud!

The one I use is a basic panic alarm you can get other versions that say it will SMS contacts for you too but they dont seem to get great reviews with criticism that they don't work.

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kate thacker Jan 27, 2016

brill post.
though my sister has this and has gotten in touch with my parents on a few times by mistake having triggered something she hasn't meant to.
a bit like pcket dial haha

Katie100 Jan 27, 2016

didn't know panic alarms came in app form, good idea!

Fiona Boubert Jan 27, 2016

It does give you assurance that you can alert others if you found yourself in a dangerous situation. The obvious one would be attack but for instance if you got stuck somewhere or trapped like in a toilet or your car went off the road it would increase your chance of being found sooner

Katie100 Jan 28, 2016

Blimey - I've never worried about trapped in a toilet before - but I will now! I do have an old school attack alarm - with a phone one of the most likely scenarios is that you will be mugged for your phone - so in that case a phone alarm not that much help? Toilet trapping though, v good idea!

Fiona Boubert Jan 28, 2016

Oh dear now I've given you a phobia of being trapped in a toilet Katie oops!

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Gill Chedgey Jan 28, 2016

What a simply, yet brilliant idea. A take on the old rape alarm? But an app would have the function not only to emit an ear splitting alarm but to simultaneously contact some kind of designated number, person? And with a phone a person's location can be determined too. The potential is immense and not just for travel. It also offers some peace of mind if you're travelling alone.

Fiona Boubert Jan 28, 2016

It certainly makes me feel safer. I once pressed it by mistake at a bus stop, I was half asleep and thought it was another app and it did make everyone turn round and look to see where it was coming from over an impressive distance. I had to wave and shout I was okay and got quite embarrassed!

susan Humphries Jan 28, 2016

I agree with Whizz this sounds a great idea. i am going to tell my daughter about this. She lives in London and often walks by herself at night

Mary O'Connor Jan 28, 2016

That's a good idea. My parents always made me carry a small pocket alarm, but it wasn't good when it set off by accident!

mark burns Jan 28, 2016

ive never heard of this sounds like a good app for some people to have

Janet Bradley Jan 28, 2016

I have an old fashioned panic alarm - I put it in my pocket and have my hand on it when I feel vulnerable

Fiona Boubert Jan 28, 2016

I used to have one but the battery died so I just use the app now

Jade Hewlett Jan 28, 2016

I hope I'd never need to use an app like this but if it can reassure people who may be scared then it is worth having. If I ever did need to use an app like this I'm not sure it would be one of my first thoughts (to use the app) I'd probably just phone someone but if you did need it it could become very handy. Great to have just in case and to leave you feeling safe.

Fiona Boubert Jan 28, 2016

Your right if you has the time you would phone but if that was not feasible the alarm could come in handy.

Mackenzie Spark Jan 28, 2016

Aw man, thanks for posting this. I need this app in my life! ^,^

Fiona Boubert Jan 28, 2016

Glad to help!

Neil Kennedy Feb 22, 2016

A great app to have for those times of need.Probably more likely used by women than men. Men can be a bit macho about these things but they should consider having it .