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gotten lost app?

kate thacker
kate thacker | Jan 23, 2016 | in App Snap!

i would love an app that lets me look up more specific details that just a not so great on reading maps. so if i could spot a statue or cafe etc in a place if im lost.then look it up or post it on the app so it could aid me.

i dont think this would be possible but it would ceritaily help me as im rubbish at roads mapping and knowing places and where they are on maps.

mark burns Jan 23, 2016

im sure there are some that show well known landmarks

Janet Bradley Jan 23, 2016

last time I updated my SatNav (a few weeks ago), I now notice that for some directions rather than say turn right onto road a4697 etc, it tells me to turn right at the Texaco Garage in half a mile - much, much easier to see.

Mary O'Connor Jan 24, 2016

It is so hard looking for road names if you are travelling by yourself. Easier if there are two of you, but that is not always the case!

kate thacker Jan 24, 2016

yes and sometimes the person your with can be just as infuritating hehe

kate thacker Jan 24, 2016

arr yes that sounds better aster

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Jade Hewlett Jan 23, 2016

When I use google maps I usually remember turnings by the shops or landmarks. If you know where you are and have Internet access you could search for directions on Google maps from the shop or landmark to your destinations and get new directions if you were lost. Maybe it would be useful if there was a "You are Here" map app like the boards you see on the streets so you wouldn't have to search for the location but it would just show you where you are. I don't know if that currently exists or not though.

Mary O'Connor Jan 24, 2016

I am not very good at map reading either. However, if you can use a map that has an arrow or something that moves along the way that you are, like on a TomTom, that would be useful. There probably is one somewhere.

kate thacker Jan 24, 2016

yes I like the arrow showing the directions.

Katie100 Jan 24, 2016

Maps are good if you get lost but you're right you have to know where you are to start with. I like the sounds of Aster1x sat nav below

Fiona Boubert Jan 24, 2016

If you use Google map directions it plots where you are on your route and you can check this against the recommended route and you can see how far along a street you are and what the next junction is and it does Mark some businesses and major buildings.