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mark burns
mark burns | Jan 23, 2016 | in App Snap!

i use this app quite frequently as i visit family up and down the country, so i look and book in advance and i can also keep my eye on ticket prices changing then i get the best value 

Fiona Boubert Jan 23, 2016

I use the trainline app too. Its really useful for checking train times and booking tickets quickly.

mark burns Jan 23, 2016

i also use virgin trains not the app just online

Janet Bradley Jan 23, 2016

I use it too

Mary O'Connor Jan 24, 2016

I will have a look at this the next time I need a train.

Mary O'Connor Jan 24, 2016

Does anyone know of any apps that split the tickets up automatically for you to get the best deal? I think it was Martin Lewis who said about booking multiple tickets for one journey, but you dont' get off the train, sounds like a pain to me doing that manually though!

Neil Kennedy Jan 26, 2016

Website here - - but not sure of an app. martin Lewis mentions one but no links (and his base is the Trainline app). Will let you know if I find anything else!

mark burns Jan 27, 2016

i will definitely look at this sounds good to me !!

Mary O'Connor Jan 27, 2016

Fantastic, I will have a look at that. Trying to work it yourself is a major headache! I think I would end up being thrown off the train!

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anita lewis Jan 25, 2016

I always buy my tickets using this .its so easy to use and shows you the cheapest times to travel.

mark burns Jan 25, 2016

much easier you can save more than half price by checking it

Neil Kennedy Jan 26, 2016

Great app, provides detailed practical information and is a great search tool for train times in general

mark burns Jan 26, 2016

its a must if travelling a lot