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Cycle routes via Google Maps

Laura Sorvala
Laura Sorvala | Jan 23, 2016 | in App Snap!

I'm always checking Google Maps on my laptop or phone to work out different cycling routes. Often it is not about finding the quickest route but the most scenic or calmest one! I believe it is good for the mind to sometimes take even just small detours instead of always doing the same journeys.

Jade Hewlett Jan 23, 2016

I like to change journeys as well every now and then otherwise they can get boring and repetitive going the same routes every day and passing the same things again and again.

Gill Chedgey Jan 23, 2016

Definitely. I try to return by a different route, particularly if I'm walking. When I cycled I determined the route according to the potential safest one even if it included quite substantial detours. Scenic and calm are better than fast any day.

Denise Bennett Jan 23, 2016

That's a great idea, if I ever cycle I like there to be great scenery and be quiet.

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Fiona Boubert Jan 23, 2016

I use google maps a lot too. I have a habit of going in the direction I feel I should go instead of the actual one that will get me to my destination particularly when walking in cities so its very useful. Its great for tracking your progress too so you can check that you are still on the right route. I have also used it to find out where railways stations and bus stops are too.

mark burns Jan 23, 2016

totally agree the calmest route would be the best whilst cycling, i dont cycle myself but can imagine it could be really stressful and sometimes scary i suppose in heavy traffic

Janet Bradley Jan 23, 2016

I use google maps.. but not used for cycling... good idea!

kate thacker Jan 24, 2016

does it give the option of the nicest,most rural quickest etc?

Laura Sorvala Jan 24, 2016

You get speed, types of path (cycle lanes, cycle paths, other), how flat/hilly the route is. It doesn't tell you the calmest or most rural routes but you can work out some of that via the map features (green areas). I do wish there was a way to highlight bigger roads that really are not good for cycling in rush hour for example. Have a quick test yourself!

Katie100 Jan 25, 2016

Hi Laura - I think you have ht upon a good idea there - save it for the Ideas phase - but a map where you set your level of road bravery is definitely a thought.

kate thacker Jan 25, 2016

yes because its not always about the destination or time etc its actually about the experience you want sometimes. traveling through somewhere scenic I would want to miss if it took me via a larger main road.

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David Simoes-Brown Feb 5, 2016

Thanks Laura, that's good. Must download it. My iphone map doesn't have a cycle option. Luddites!