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fearful on your own in the back of taxi

kate thacker
kate thacker | Jan 22, 2016 | in Journey Disasters

title says it all really.i cant help always being fearful when im on my own and have to take a taxi.

so much so that one time i walked for two hours to avoid doing it.this was deff a journey disaster

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Janet Bradley Jan 22, 2016

I understand... a friend of mine's daughter was attacked by a taxi cab driver which she took on her own... it was an unlicensed mini cab... since then I have been very particular about cabs - only licensed on black cabs - and with a licensed cab, have to book it -make sure someone in their office knows where you are going to and from

Kathryn Leaning Jan 22, 2016

That's awful hope she was ok, I had the misfortune of being mugged a few years when my regular taxi didn't turn up on time after a night out :(

Janet Bradley Jan 22, 2016

she was able to run away... they did catch the taxi driver in the end, and then she had to go through a court hearing... it wasn't pleasant.

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Mary O'Connor Jan 22, 2016

If I have to get a taxi on my own, I use a big well known company. It does make me a bit nervous though. I certainly wouldn't do it at night!

kate thacker Jan 22, 2016

yes I always make sure its a well known cab

Gill Chedgey Jan 22, 2016

If I might cheekily point you towards a couple of my posts 'Stationary' and 'New York, New York' they have some relevance to this thread. ;-)

Jade Hewlett Jan 22, 2016

I would be nervous if I had to get in a taxi on my own, sometimes I feel even when you are with others taxi drivers sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, whether it's by them not talking to you or the way they drive. There are times I can't wait to get out of the taxi.

Kathryn Leaning Jan 22, 2016

I'm very fearful of taxi's also, I always make sure I use a well known company and I let a friend know when I am home.