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no im not moving...please!!

kate thacker
kate thacker | Jan 22, 2016 | in Journey Disasters

i am not a keen lone it on the train,taxi bus or plane id always rather have someone with me.unless i new i had it mapped to the finest of details. my fear is being changed on a train.having to get off and change trains fills me with dread.

or an interconnecting flight where i might have to change.

if im planning a journey it will have to be a straight from here to there. i fear having to change.

Katie100 Jan 22, 2016

Yes - I completely agree, I don't like the uncertainty of a change over. I don't mind the time it takes or the hassle, it's just that lingering fear that the transport involved won't arrive or depart when it says it's going to.

Janet Bradley Jan 22, 2016

unfortunately in this modern world... interconnecting trains, etc is becoming a requirement. Where I live in Wales, I have to take a minimum of 2 trains to get to London - often it's 3... part of the issue is that lines are operated by different companies. I find that if you book in advance, make sure you have plenty of time in between connections (I book each train ticket as a separate ticket - it saves money and keeps you in control), and travel out of rush hour - it makes it much easier to cope with.

kate thacker Jan 22, 2016

yes it wouldn't be the time etc that mattered but as you say Katie the fear of what could go wrong

kate thacker Jan 22, 2016

yes ive noticed that more an more things are being split

kate thacker Jan 22, 2016

ooooh I one had to get to wales. and the amount of trains I had to change!! it was very scary stuff and im so glad I had my brother.
it was to pembrokshire and by the end of the journey the trains got slower.older and places a little bit more creepy and mysterious looking hehe.

kate thacker Jan 22, 2016

and yes when booking I follow the booking all the journey before time and keeping tickets separate.feeling prepared is so helpful

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Gill Chedgey Jan 22, 2016

When I was younger I found travelling alone preferable. Perhaps I'm selfish but I enjoyed not having to consider what anyone else wanted to do, where they wanted to eat, which route to go blah blah blah. But also I found people treat you differently if you're on your own. They talk to you more, other solo travellers will ask to sit at your table, some groups will ask if you'd like to join them and in some cases there's often room for one more, squeeze one more person in and avoid waiting for the next whatever it might be.
I won't say I never experienced some anxieties but...... feel the fear and do it anyway was my maxim. Not so anymore. For me travel changed after 9/11 and now age and health have caught up with me so I prefer to have company.

kate thacker Jan 22, 2016

what a good point whizz and actually im like this myself at times thinking bout it. especially when im tired.i dread having to keep talking on a journey if im with someone, when really id actually rather sleep or be in a daze of my own!!
I think its more if im going to somewhere unknown.