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Sliding doors...

R James
R James | Jan 20, 2016 | in Journey Disasters

I have many times cut things fine when travelling on flights for business but this one time, I was in plenty of time for my flight from LHR to Munich. I was sat waiting at the gate for half an hour, only to look up from the laptop 5 minutes before gate closing to discover that gate had changed and there was a minibus taking everyone from the gate to another one. I jumped up, ran to the gate, but they closed the doors on the bus in front of me and said I was too late to get the plane. I was forced to pay for another flight. Missed my meetings. They hadn't even announced my name over the tannoy ;-(

Janet Bradley Jan 20, 2016

aaargh... that was so infuriating, I would have been so miffed

Mary O'Connor Jan 20, 2016

There always seems to be lack of communication at airports. I don't how people seem to know exactly where they are going!

Gill Chedgey Jan 20, 2016

That seems very poor service. Surely a tannoy announcement would have been the correct procedure here? You must have been so frustrated by it.

Katie100 Jan 22, 2016

groan - chopping and changing is so annoying - you think you have a grasp of something.... Would it have been better if you hadn't had your head in your laptop - would you have noticed everyone leaving for a bus?