The Movement


The Movement is a brand new online community all about the future of mobility and transportation. It's an exciting time to be exploring this topic as everybody from from tech companies, to car companies, to city leaders are in a race to find the new solutions that will transform the way we get around. 

Over the next 8 weeks we will be running a range of prize challenges in this community that you can participate in, with £1500 worth of amazon vouchers available to give modest, or larger rewards for the best contributors. We really want to find out what your transportation wants and needs are, and then to create and test some new ideas for products and services with you. 

The Movement is designed and run by 100%Open, a UK based innovation agency. We are working with our customer to understand more about your regular travel and what it is that winds you up, or that you really enjoy! We'd like your help to understand what mobility is to you and what would give you more freedom and choice, in particular around those daily journeys that we have to make. 
If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. Please do dive in, have some fun, and help us to shape the future of transportation together.
Let's get moving!
Katie, John, Matt, Roland and Gina
The Movement Team