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Posted by Katie100 (Admin) Jan 18, 2016

Welcome everyone to The Movement. 

I'm Katie Walsh and if you have any problems, technical or otherwise, please email me,

If you'd like to know more about The Movement click on the FAQ tab. We have a great team to look after you here and to ask you lots of questions about your travel and transport experiences, Matt, John, and Gina, you'll see us all around in The Movement. 

We hope you have a great time sharing and later in the 8 weeks, getting creative. We're really looking forward to reading your posts and comments. 

The challenges we set will be changed and swapped in and out as we go along - and there will be surveys to answer too. We will keep you posted about that, and about prize winners via the weekly newsletter on Fridays. 

So, Bon Voyage!

(The image is of a cablecar in Barcelona, taken by Carlos Lorenzo, from - it illustrates one of my journey successes!)

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Comments (20)

Steph Meachen says... Jan 20, 2016

Do we get emails for new challenges? Thanks.

Katie100 says... Jan 20, 2016

There's one you may not have seen up now - travel successes, forgot to invite the 'everybody' group to it! But normally we'll put new ones up over weekends and let you know the Friday before. 

Janet Bradley says... Jan 20, 2016

Looking forward to this community... travelling anecdotes is such a great conversation starter!!

Mary O'Connor says... Jan 20, 2016

Really been looking forward to this. I love travelling, so right up my street :-)

Denise Bennett says... Jan 20, 2016

Hi, thank you for your welcome.

Mary O'Connor says... Jan 21, 2016

I don't know if it is just my computer, but I don't seem to be able to view other replies on posts. I click on 'view replies' and nothing is happening. It was working yesterday. Could  you let me know if it is my computer or a general problem please? Thank you.

Janet Bradley says... Jan 21, 2016

Hi Hammy, I had the same issue yesterday - I found out if I switched from using Internet explorer to Google chrome it, you are not alone

Katie100 says... Jan 21, 2016

Hi Hammy, I'm sending you a private message,  look up and right, click on your profile and click my messages.

Gill Chedgey says... Jan 23, 2016

Thank you so much for the voucher! What a lovely surprise and very generous after just three days of the community going live! Thank you. 

Denise Bennett says... Jan 23, 2016

Thank you so much for the voucher, it was a nice surprise when I logged on this morning, it is much appreciated.

Denise Bennett says... Jan 23, 2016

It is so nice to be appreciated isn't it?

mark burns says... Jan 23, 2016

thank you for the voucher 

Janet Bradley says... Jan 23, 2016

thank you very much for the voucher - appreciated it! :-)

S B says... Jan 27, 2016

Thanks very much for my voucher, it was a nice surprise.

Rita Hopkins says... Jan 28, 2016
Looking forward
Jennifer Moville says... Feb 3, 2016



loking forward to seeing what happens on here 

Jennifer Moville says... Feb 4, 2016

is there a way to stop all the replies to comments being sent to me - I get loads of e mails and I would find it easier to just check when I log in to the forum instead of dozens of e mails each day

Jennifer Moville says... Feb 4, 2016

its ok - have fathomed it out :)

Katie100 says... Feb 5, 2016

Ah, sorry - was just about to tell you - (for anyone else with the same issue - go to your profile and click on the settings tab and untick some of the alerts)

Best way to get my attention is just to email me - I get ALL the alerts I can so sometimes there's a lag between getting and reading. 

KEVIN TURNER says... Mar 27, 2016

Happy Easter everyone. How do I start a conversation?

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