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Posted by Roland Harwood (Admin) Mar 7, 2016

We excited to share 12 new concepts for the future of mobility and transportation. We are now inviting everybody to vote, comment and build on the ones you want to become a reality.

For instance, just three of the concepts that our community has created include the following:

  • The Seamless Travel Pass – Simply travel around your region with our handy new ‘Seamless’ travel card. Load up with credit and flash the card on buses, trains, trams, Uber cabs, tubes, you name it! You get seamless travel interchanges without queuing for tickets or fumbling for change. Your Seamless Travel Pass ensures you get the best ticket prices for your journey too. Less hassle, more speed!
  • Journeypedia – Our new mobile information service takes the tedium out of travel. When you’re driving or on a train, wouldn’t it be great to know more about interesting buildings. local history or up-to-date travel information? Sign up to Journeypedia and have your radio or app keep you constantly updated. Make every journey a learning experience for adults and children alike!
  • App in the Gap – This essential new app helps you navigate the boundaries between different sorts of travel. If you’ve ever missed a connection between train and bus, cab and plane, or tube and boat The App In The Gap is for you. Our new app knows your location and has insider knowledge of all travel options near you. Plus it’s right up to date if there are any delays. Take the trickiness out of travel with the App in the Gap!

What do you think? We’d really like you to take a look at all 12 concepts this week if you can and do two things to help us move on the next stage.

  1. Please vote up the ones you like, and vote down the ones you don’t. This will help us understand the relative appeal of each.
  2. Every concept can be improved, fleshed out or challenged. Please help us strengthen them with your comments and suggestions.

There are some vouchers up for grabs for the best comments and builds. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

Mobilising the Future

Posted by Roland Harwood (Admin) Feb 9, 2016

Now that this community has been running for a few weeks, I just wanted to share a bit more context for why we are so interested in these topics right now.

The future of mobility and transportation is changing fast and all sorts of organisations from tech companies, to car companies, to city leaders are in a race to find the new solutions that will transform the way we get around.

Mobilising the Future

If you own a car, have you considered if and when you will ever need to replace it? This is a question I’ve been asking myself recently as our current car (a VW Touran) has perhaps 2 years life left in it.

Before we had kids we only used car sharing quite a bit (Streetcar, now Zipcar) and more traditional car hire for longer journeys, and it worked well.

Since we’ve had 3 kids, the hassle of fitting and removing car seats compared with unpredictability of being able to get out of the house at a specific time has meant it’s been easier to own a car. However as the kids are growing up and the rise of Mobility as a Service becoming mainstream, I’m genuinely not sure if we’ll ever need to own a car ever again.

And, like many people who live in cities, it costs a lot of upkeep to own a car which increasingly makes no sense given that we don’t use it much. And with the exponential rise of the likes of new services over the past few years it’s already been shown that it’s cheaper to use Uber and Zipcar than owning a car for many people in cities.

Another interesting factor to consider is around what an emotional purchase a car is and the importance of status associated with car ownership. But is it really enough to buy a car in order to project your individuality? I don’t think it is for me any more but it’s interesting to explore the role of status and emotion in relation to transport without actually having to own a vehicle. 

“Helsinki announced plans to remove the need for car ownership in the city by 2025.” Atkins Journeys of Future Report

I for one am an avid cyclist most of the time, which is without question the best way to get around town 98% of the time in my view. And I’m increasingly frustrated with the inefficiency of the car as a mode of transport, as whatever is gained in terms of autonomy is eroded completely in terms of efficiency, as brilliantly illustrated in this illustration of 200 people in 177 cars:

According to IBM 30% of traffic in cities is due to people looking for a parking spaceThis is collective insanity and requires collective action to sort it all out.

200 people in cars and without cars

For all of these reasons we are really excited to be collaborating with all of you on The Movement and thanks for all of your contributions on this community to date. In the coming weeks we'll start to focus in on the most interesting opportunities and start to build and prototype some potential new services and solutions, and I am eager to see what we can come with together.

Welcome to The Movement

Posted by Katie100 (Admin) Jan 18, 2016

Welcome everyone to The Movement. 

I'm Katie Walsh and if you have any problems, technical or otherwise, please email me,

If you'd like to know more about The Movement click on the FAQ tab. We have a great team to look after you here and to ask you lots of questions about your travel and transport experiences, Matt, John, and Gina, you'll see us all around in The Movement. 

We hope you have a great time sharing and later in the 8 weeks, getting creative. We're really looking forward to reading your posts and comments. 

The challenges we set will be changed and swapped in and out as we go along - and there will be surveys to answer too. We will keep you posted about that, and about prize winners via the weekly newsletter on Fridays. 

So, Bon Voyage!

(The image is of a cablecar in Barcelona, taken by Carlos Lorenzo, from - it illustrates one of my journey successes!)

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